Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Missing Pictures

I thought that I uploaded all the pics that I wanted last night but I can't find some of them so I guess I'll wait until tomorrow to post any updates about the house. I do however have some pics from other events that happened this weekend.

First off, not only is miss Carol a queen, she's also a silver medalist!

She won third place at State Cross Country. Not bad for it being her first year even attempting to run cross country.

In preparation for the big run I decorated her car for her on Thursday and made her some signs.
I had to decorate the inside of it because it was pouring out all week but I did get the windows painted because that is rain proof :)

Second, we had a wedding this weekend. It was a couple friends from high school and she also went to college with me so I knew a lot of people there. It was fun and of course she was beautiful and the wedding was perfect. It was actually a funny wedding and the unity candle was out of control. The priest had to go blow it out in the middle of the ceremony. He assured us they were still married though.

My nieces were also there. Here's the conversation that led up to this picture:

Older one: "Hey, Jessica is trying to take a picture of us"
Little one: she just keeps dancin.
Older one: tugging on the little one "HEY, Jessica is trying to take a picture of us!"
Little one: dance, dance, dance....
Older one: with pretty much a death grip on the little ones hand now, "Look at Jessica!"

And we finally get a picture. This girl knows how to pose!

Like I said, there is more to come from the weekend including something to do with this guy...

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