Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New Appliances

We got our appliances this weekend! The fridge had to be shipped but it got here today. We got all white appliances and didn't worry about them all matching however we did match the range and microwave(though not necessarily because we care that much - i just liked them both). Here's some pics:

The Microwave (GE Eterna) has a sensor in it which means that you can just hit reheat and it'll heat anything you put in it to hot. You can even walk away from popcorn (I haven't tried this yet and I'll believe it when I see it)

GE (Eterna) does a nice job with their ranges. The grates are nice and heavy duty and both pieces of the burner come out for easy cleaning.
This is a bad pic and the grates on top are way lighter grey than they look here

The dishwasher(Maytag) has a top rack that slides up and down to allow for more flexibility to add bigger things on top and bottom.

It would have been nice to get a french door fridge (LG) since the kitchen is skinny but we didn't see any that would fit in our opening. This guy will do just fine and I'm super excited to have a bottom freezer model. We had them switch the door to the other side also.

We got them mostly set in place on Sunday night and guess what - we found more mold under and behind things when we pulled them out. BUT, it's gone now and we know it's clean. We also found this surprise under the stove.


I took Monday off to do some organizing and thankfully got rid of some boxes laying around.
The craft room at the beginning of the day

and at the end

Here was the office at the beginning of the day

and at the end

We still have a long way to go for these rooms to be pretty and the way we really want them but for now the house feels more like a home w/o the boxes.

I brought in a very industrial looking shelving unit to put stuff on but needed to soften it up a little. It also has little bars going across it so it can be a pain to slide things off and on.
SO, shelving unit

meet cardboard and fabric

and put office crap on it

We got the towel hooks hung up in the bathroom and one painting hung! Maybe we can start decorating a little!

I also started taking some of the decorative thingies around the door knobs on the cabinets as I don't really like them and some of them are doing this:



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