Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bathroom Continued

The tile is finished! Here is a pic. It needs another wipe down so it won't look just like this but you can kind of get an idea. I went with darker grout. Picking grout is harder than you'd think.

Now all we need to do i seal it, caulk and put on the shower hardware. Then we can use it!

We have gotten a coat of mud on the drywall so I sanded last night and put the second layer on.

Adam has been working on the flooring in the east bedroom. He's 1/2 way there.

I have to say that I really like this flooring. It's Solid hardwood Hickory. I'm getting excited for it to be done!

I also saw this last night. I dont' know how I've missed it so far. Guess it's just been too much of a mess. This is under where the vanity sat.

Now this is kind of sad. They are divorced but obviously in love when they updated this bathroom together. I know their son who is also named Jeff. I think the date says 94?? What do you think?

I think since the bathroom is so small and the tile is dark we should paint with a color that is "white" but has a tinge of brown in it. Any opinions?
This color is Almond Cream from Behr.

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