Monday, October 20, 2008

Organizing Fabric

I brought more stuff into the house this weekend that needed to be organized. I figured I better start my craft room off the right way and attacked my pile of fabric.

I cut off a flap from a cardboard box and squared it off.

Toward the end (of course) I found that I had some fabric on a cardboard from the store and the cardboard box flap was almost the exact same size only shorter.

I then started to roll my fabric onto the flap

until it was finished

Then I took something that would give me a consistent length. For those sewing scrapbookers out there, in my case I used my standard Sizzix cutting pad.


and folded again

For smaller scrap pieces I used my Sizzix decorative strip cutting pad and rolled the fabric around it.

Then I took a ruler and folded these to 5.5 inches.

And continue on and on. I don't have a very big stash and this probably took me an hour.

As you can see not everything folds just perfectly but that is ok. I then went ahead and organized by color. I know some organize by fabric type but since I don't have that much this will work for me.

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