Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Finally - the weekend report

When you have to drive to your home town twice in two days, spending 8 hours in the car can get a little boring. What do you do? Take random pics to try and figure out your new camera that has too many setting for you to figure out.
I took some pics of the world zooming by.
Aperture setting:

Shutter Speed setting:

Hmm, not much different.

Focus on something up close

Focus on something far away

I'm an auto focus girl because up until now I've had a point and shoot but I suppose as I learn more about my DSLR I'll be learning the world of manual focus.

So, what did I go to my home town twice in two days for? I had a funeral on Thursday and had to work on Friday so I went back and came home. Then I had to go back on Friday to see my niece. She was an attendant for our high school homecoming.

So Cute!

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