Monday, October 6, 2008

Weekend Misc.

I figured I'd break things out for this weekend report because they sometimes get kinda long so after the cake, flooring, painting and million bushes pictures here is the rest that got done this weekend. (Meaning scroll down and read the next 3 or 4 posts too)

My deep freeze finally arrived and made the trip down to the basement!

Adam installed the vanity and sink in the bathroom and I got a little more sanding done.

We got our new furnace!

This is the old one

It's a 92% efficient one so it vents out the front of the house.

And these caps go over top of it. I need to take finished pics.

Here's the layers of our house

Kitty didn't get any nap time in on Sat. so by the end of the day she was totally zonked.

Then she woke up wanting to play. (Even though she is NOT supposed to be on the counter)

If you ever have a bad day, go to YouTube and watch cat videos. No way you won't laugh.

Sunday I had a PC thing most of the day so when I got home Adam had the master room all put together. Ladies and Gents, we finally have something FINISHED! Our bedroom!

Well, except for adding another piece of furniture, decorating, putting in new vent covers, curtains....
I don't care. It's done enough for me!

An up close look

Now, if only that bathroom were done......

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Tami D said...

YAY!!! How nice! I'd say you're definitely making good progress! :-) And yes you also definitely had step by step pics on the bushes being taken out-thanks-it's like I was there taking the pictures... ;)