Sunday, October 5, 2008

More Cake

I had two cake orders this weekend so I did cake stuff Thursday night. I baked the cakes, made the buttercream frosting and some flowers out of gumpaste.

These will be butterflies.
Gumpaste is an edible substance that you can roll really thin and shape things out of. Then it dries and hardens. You can make very intricate and detailed items with this stuff.

Saturday we got up bright and early and I started to do some cake decorating!
A lesson in round cakes:
Frost the cake.

Dowels are the heart and soul of any cake with more than one layer.

Cut the dowel to size.
Push it into the cake

Cover the holes left.

And later after the buttercream has crusted, take a piece of wax paper, put it over the cake and smooth things out a little more and add a border.

Then add the decorations.

A lesson in sheet cakes.

Cut around the edges -

- so it's nice and square.

For the lettering on this cake I printed out the text from the computer and put wax paper over it. Then I mixed up some royal icing and piped the words out over top of the font. Royal icing dries really hard to I was able to pop the words off of the wax paper and lay them on the cake. Much prettier text this way than if I would have tried to pipe them freehand. Making the wording look pretty is always a worry of mine. It turned out quite well.

I also used the royal icing for the grass.
Add decor

and a border

And I didn't get a final pic but I added dots in the middle of the flowers so they look a little more detailed.

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