Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ahhh. Decor

My new mantle. I'm going to have fun decorating this.

I finished sanding the drywall in the bathroom on Monday night so I was finally able to clean up and do some organizing.
Bathtub at the beginning of the night:

Bathtub at the end of the night:

Here is our bathroom at the moment:

Last night we got to go see Adams sister run in one of her cross country meets. She won! I think she's now 6 out of 7 for gold medals in her cross country career. It's different than I thought a cross country meet would be. You don't see them run the whole thing but at this one there were points where she'd pop out somewhere and you could see her. I guess this was a small one and I can't imagine what state would be like with 100 people at the starting line. I didn't know we were going to go so I didn't have my camera. Darn!

We got our amoire moved into the bedroom last night so we officially have all our clothing in one room (except for the stuff still out in the garage and the stuff still waiting to be washed....yes, I'm not done with wash yet). Notice our nice shower curtain we are using for a curtain? Pretty sweet.

Adams dad came over to help with the flooring last night and they made some progress until it was too late to run the saw and air compressor.

I organized and organized some more. I think I have our closet pretty well done. I'm sure I'll make changes but for now it's functional.

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